Available September 25, 2018!

A Curious Matter of Men with Wings

 by F. Rutledge Hammes

One day, Bohicket and Ley Walpole take their little sister out on a johnboat to pirate the waterways for beer and loose change. Dew falls overboard and appears to drown, until two men with gigantic wings swoop down and carry her body away into the sky. The news of her disappearance hits the family hard, driving the mother to fashion wings so she can fly after men who took her daughter. The Walpole boys set off in search of their little sister and discover love and the truth behind the centuries-old tale of the Flying Men, as well as numerous other mysteries native to the Carolina sea islands.

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The oldest of ten siblings, family tales come naturally to F. Rutledge Hammes. His grandparents moved out to the sea islands early in their marriage and made many friends in the Gullah community, leaving Rutledge enamored by all the stories and folklore he was told as a child. It wasn’t until he was a junior in college that he decided to try his hand at writing fiction; a proud and pledged poet, he became inspired by the minimalist style of Raymond Carver, and the hard-hitting subject matter of Dorothy Allison. Rutledge has long believed that magic is at the heart of Charleston, SC, and so magic must be at the heart of the Charleston novel. Through A Curious Matter of Men with Wings, he hopes readers will see the redemption that comes to people who keep their promises to one another and stand together regardless of ethnicity, culture, and class. He is presently Director of the Creative Writing program at Charleston County School of the Arts, and the recipient of the 2019 South Carolina Arts Commission Fellowship for prose.

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