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Poetry’s Potent Power

[embed][/embed] *Link to video of Bethsheba A. Rem spoken word poem. We claim no rights to it. Life refuses to fit itself into neat files on computers. Poetry mimics life, illustrating stories and emotions traditional...

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Is the Novella the new Netflix?

The average adult attention span equals eight seconds, according to Time. No wonder, as our fingers connect us to a mesmerizing map of colorful stimuli, rendering us useless for extended concentration. As people learn to binge bursts of episodic content on Netflix,...

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Bah Humbug, Y’all

There is something sinister in the forced expectation of cheer in Christmastime. It’s 2016, after all. This is the year of rock stars dropping dead faster than Facebook memorials can be posted, an election that resembled a clashing of cartoon villains more than a...

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