The New Southern Fugitives

In addition to our press, SFK offers opportunities for authors and artists to have their work featured in our literary zine, The New Southern Fugitives. The zine is published weekly, and we pay our contributors the following:

  • $60 for fiction and creative non-fiction
  • $25 for poetry
  • $25 for photography and visual art

Each Wednesday, The New Southern Fugitives features a blog post alongside a piece of prose or poetry, and photography or visual art. If you’re interested in submitting your work to us for consideration, whether you’re an emerging or widely published author or artist, we encourage you to read a few of our issues (they’re free!), and then check out our submissions guidelines.

We look forward to reading and reviewing your work. We will respond to your submission within 4-6 weeks. Rest assured, every incoming query is read and evaluated with care.

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