Spring 2018

Hardscrabble Road

by George Weinstein

The entire MacLeod clan is haunted by secrets—and young Roger “Bud” MacLeod doesn’t realize he carries the biggest secret of all. Growing up poor in Depression-era South Georgia is hard enough, but Bud is also cursed with a stutter and a birthmark that disfigures his face. Read more…


Fall 2018

Rebecca DavisAmidst this Fading Light

by Rebecca Davis
2017 Novel Contest Winner

A Depression-era family harrowed with a  lineage of violence must cope with a tragic murder-suicide in an unbending rural Southern town fascinated by death.


Sonja CoppenbargerThe Banshee of Macrhae

by Sonja Coppenbarger

A beloved son suffers permanent brain damage leaving his anguished loved ones dealing with his lost aspirations and the many incarnations and deaths he’s experienced.



F. Rutledge HammesA Curious Matter of Men with Wings

by F. Rutledge Hammes

Two troubled brothers, one a dreamer and one a rebel, search for their missing sister after she mysteriously disappears in coastal Carolina.



Cathy AdamsA Body’s Just as Dead

by Cathy Adams

A disjointed working-class family strives to piece together the shreds of their tattered American Dream while dealing with wacky kinfolk and a political zoo.



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