SFK Titles

LYING FOR A LIVING by Steve McCondichieLying for a Living

by Steve McCondichie

Jesse Few peddles lies. His boss and clients order a couple. His married girlfriend gets a few. His family buys several. Read more…


by George Weinstein

Janet Wright left tiny Graylee, Georgia at age five, when her mother fled a destructive marriage. Read more…

Amidst this Fading Light

by Rebecca Davis
2017 Novel Contest Winner!

A Depression-era family harrowed with a  lineage of violence must cope with a tragic murder-suicide in an unbending rural Southern town fascinated by death. Read more…

A Curious Matter of Men with Wings

by F. Rutledge Hammes

Two troubled brothers, one a dreamer and one a rebel, search for their missing sister after she mysteriously disappears in coastal Carolina. Read more…

The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno

by George Weinstein

Carlos Moreno only knows hardship and poverty, yet he chases work and dreams of better life in Depression-era Texas.

Steve McCondicheThe Parlor Girl’s Guide

by Steve McCondichie

A cynical country girl enlists the living and the dead to guide her past family tragedy and forge her escape from a secluded Southern brothel.

George HovisThe Skin Artist

by George Hovis

Dispossessed of his corporate life, Bill Becker explores the seedy side of Charlotte with a troubled dancer and with a tattoo artist who sells them both on the mojo in his ink.

Matthew DuffusThe Unhomecoming

by Matthew Duffus

When alums return to campus for homecoming, the Sutherland family must confront a troubled marriage, teenaged coming of age, and their uncertain future together.

Hardscrabble Road

by George Weinstein

The entire MacLeod clan is haunted by secrets—and young Roger “Bud” MacLeod doesn’t realize he carries the biggest secret of all. Read more…

A Body’s Just as Dead

by Cathy Adams

A disjointed working-class family strives to piece together the shreds of their tattered American Dream. Read more…

The Banshee of Machrae

by Sonja Condit

A son suffers permanent brain damage, leaving his anguished loved ones dealing with his lost aspirations and the many incarnations of his death. Read more…

American Judas

by Mickey Dubrow

The wall of separation between Church and State collapses and a free-spirited young couple must covertly navigate an oppressive American theocracy where fundamental Christianity is the law. Read more…

The Caretaker

by George Weinstein

Sarah Gordon was a ballerina until a car accident took her left leg. She had spent her life focused on the world of professional ballet. Nearly 30 years old, she now must reinvent herself.

Evan WilliamsRipples

by Evan Williams

In a small town swollen with secrets, a young boy puzzles his way through a minefield of societal expectations, and Southern Baptist status quo.

Krystyna ByersNot All Migrate

by Krystyna Byers

In his search for answers on his wife’s untimely death, a man finds himself immersed in the gritty world that killed her.

Dale NealAppalachian Book of the Dead

by Dale Neal

An escaped killer disappears into the mountains and haunts the new neighbors in a remote cove, already facing their own ghosts and demons from their previous lives.

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