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Not All Migrate

by Krystyna Byers

Mark Hansberg has lost everything. After his wife and children are killed in a horrific car crash, the authorities begin acting suspiciously. Depressed and desperate for answers, he takes it upon himself to investigate a mysterious local drug called Rapture. He’s thrust into a world of lies, violence, and conspiracy—none of which this insurance salesman is equipped for. He meets and befriends a variety of addicts from all walks of life and, eventually, becomes one himself. It’s not long before Mark is lost in the gritty world that took his wife’s life.

Not All migrate is a glorious hell-ride through some of the darkest literary territory and with some of the wildest characters since the weird imaginings of William S. Burroughs. Krystyna Byers’s luminous prose makes the trip entirely worthwhile. Strap in and put your helmet on—once you start this novel, you won’t want to stop.

—Pinckney Benedict, author of Dogs of God

. . . the road to Hell isn’t paved with good intentions but with sentences, taut as tightropes, that seduce you, step by vertiginous step, with the promise of rapture. Of what that rapture consists isn’t for the faint of heart, but, by God, it will keep you reading. A death-defying high-wire act.

—Daniel Mueller, author of How Animals Mate and Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey

Krystyna Byers

About the Author

Krystyna Byers tells stories that reflect the human condition: Emotion over logic. Passion moves the characters she creates, just like it moves her in her own life. Her reckless youth and constantly dramatic personal life serve as vital wellsprings for her creative work—living in these worlds has taught her that anything can happen, and often does. She wants readers to get a little bit of everything out of Not All Migrate. While grief and sadness loom over every page, there is also prevailing beauty and reasons to laugh. When she’s not writing, Krystyna works in the film and television industry. She’s an avid fan of jazz and Vodka, and enjoys both at her condo in Toronto, Canada where she lives with Richard and Oliver, her two cats.

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