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Watch What You Say

by George Weinstein

WHAT LENGTHS WILL A WIFE AND MOTHER GO TO SAVE HER FAMILY? Popular web radio interviewer Bo Riccardi is tested to the ends of her mental and physical limits when her husband Oscar is abducted. The man holding him demands to be interviewed by Bo. Refusal will mean Oscar’s brutal death, but acceptance propels Bo toward madness and despair.

Though she has a form of synesthesia that enables her to see the abductor’s intentions and feelings in everything he says, Bo will need much more than this gift to help her save Oscar—and exorcise the guilt that binds her to the kidnapper.


“This thrilling tale of vengeance and suspense is a cat-and-mouse chase, and race, to the pull-no-
punches, take-no-prisoners finish.”

—Jenny Milchman, USA Today bestselling author of Cover of Snow & Wicked River

“The relentlessly rising tension kept me squirming all the way to the end.”

—Roger Johns, award-winning author of the Wallace Hartman Mysteries

“Spellbinding. . . . Explosive. . . . Gifted storyteller George Weinstein keeps the dramatic tension
as he takes readers on the ultimate thrill ride.”

—Dana Ridenour, award-winning author of the Lexie Montgomery FBI undercover series

“Non-stop, pulse-pounding action with a protagonist who must use her gift of chromesthesia to
see into the heart of a killer and save her family. This one is a heart-stopper!”

—Emily Carpenter, author of Burying the Honeysuckle Girls, The Weight of Lies, and Every
Single Secret

About the Author​

George Weinstein is the author of the Southern small-town mystery Aftermath, the Southern Gothic historical novel Hardscrabble Road, the novel of forgotten US history The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno, and the modern relationship drama The Caretaker. A popular speaker with book clubs and at literary events, he is fond of telling readers the stories behind the stories and providing writers with advice he wished he had received when he embarked on his so-called writing career in 2000. He lives with his wife—whom he courted with handwritten love letters, natch—and their furry, four-legged children in Roswell, Georgia.

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