2019 Georgia Author of the Year Awards Nominee for Literary Fiction

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A Body’s Just as Dead

 by Cathy Adams

Haunting and Hysterical Contemporary American Fiction

THE AMERICAN DREAM ain’t what it used to be, and Pete-o Hemper has a bone to pick with these newfangled changes. When high-tech ways whack their little hometown off-kilter, the zany Hemper family struggles to adjust. Fueled by a gluttonous diet of talk radio, wacky Uncle Pete-o strikes back at the forces he believes are betraying the land that he loves. A crazy congealed salad of bizarre adventures, stinging wit and gritty realism, this fresh portrait of American stubbornness has all the ingredients of a stirring page-turner. You’ll relish this folksy menagerie of real and relatable characters in their endearing calamity of modern life run amok.

In the best tradition of Southern writers, Cathy Adams’s dark humor overrides pessimism and manages to elevate these characters into something noble and endearing. A much-appreciated, lighter treatment of the typically dire representations we expect to see about a place and people left behind.

—Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos, author of The Hall of FInal Ruin

A Body’s Just as Dead is hilarious and wrenching, a portrait of a family’s mistaken pride in its own self-deception. You read it in bursts of laughter, followed by sustained sympathy for characters striving to maintain their dignity in a world they don’t understand or control.

—Kent Meyers, author of Twisted Tree and The Work of Wolves

The somewhat tragic but oft-times humorous struggle of Pete-O Hemper and his down-and-out family to rail against their world puts the spotlight on the other America as only Southern grit can. Bravo!

—Bill Brooks, author of The Girl with the Flamenco Tattoo

About the Author

Cathy Adams has been writing novels nonstop for twenty-five years, ever since she wrote a play consisting of two characters and five lines of dialogue as a first-grader. Opening up the raw insides of what makes us who we are is the basis for most of her stories—when a plot or character makes Cathy feel uncomfortable, then she knows she needs to write about it. A Body’s Just as Dead is inspired by an actual event and comes from her desire to understand why someone planning to buy AA batteries and toilet paper at a Walmart could end up shooting another person out of rage. A native of Alabama, Cathy is a Pushcart Prize-nominated short story writer. She currently resides in Liaoning, China. Her unpublished novel, Wonders Without Number, has been chosen as a winner of the Flying South 2019 novel competition. In September, an excerpt will be published in a collection of the winners in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and will be available on Amazon.

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