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Appalachian Book of the Dead

by Dale Neal

An Ethereal Tale of Hungry Ghosts  

A PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER DISAPPEARS into the mountains and haunts the troubled residents. After the murderous Angel Jones escapes from a prison work crew, he mysteriously vanishes deep into the North Carolina woods forcing newcomers Cal and Joy McAlister to deal with his macabre presence lingering in the secluded forest.  Burdened with grief, guilt, and unfilled dreams, Cal and Joy are joined by an oddball handyman and a young detoxing neighbor as they grapple with the enigma of Angel’s menacing specter. Each of them brings their private ghosts to live and gives their worst fears flesh. This Southern Gothic tale blends ancient metaphysics with tantalizing thrills to make readers keenly aware of the wonders and woes of the world.

Dale Neal’s novel, once begun, will be hard for any reader to put down.

—Ron Rash, New York Times bestselling author of Serena and Above the Waterfall

It had me enthralled from page one.

—Joan Silber, author of Improvement, and winner of the 2018 PEN/Faulkner Award

Neal is a masterful novelist: he makes it look so easy.

—Lewis Buzbee, author of The Yellow Lighted Bookstore

Neal smoothly, vividly unfolds the dramas in the lives of characters who hope to reinvent themselves, to reckon with the ghosts of their former lives, to move, at last, through the in-between condition in order to know how to truly be themselves.

—Kevin McIlvoy, author of At the Gate of All Wonder and 57 Octaves Below Middle C

About the Author​

For Dale Neal, a veteran journalist and writing teacher, compelling fiction requires friction. He writes stories sparked by the spectrum of the human experience from humor to horror, tears to laughter, and hope to heartbreak. A practicing Buddhist and North Carolina native, Dale is the author of two previous novels, The Half-Life of Home and Cows Across America, winner of the Novello Literary Award. dalenealbooks.com

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