Frequently Asked Questions


At SFK Press, our mission is to tell a million tales of “y’all mean all.” We are committed to our authors throughout the publishing process and long after. We are a family, a team, and we have stories to share!


Does SFK Press charge fees to authors for its services (design, editorial, etc.)?
We do not charge authors for any part of the publishing process with SFK Press. But we do encourage authors to start building their platforms as soon as possible (unless they have platforms already), and this can include nominal costs to the author if you wish to purchase a domain name and website hosting package. Many authors do not have a paid website and are quite happy with free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or other social media outlets to promote themselves and their work.

Other costs that come up for any author upon signing a contract, whether with an independent, university, or large press, include professional photographs (ideally, one head shot for the book interior or back cover, and one “this is me, totally happy and unaware” shot for online articles, interviews, etc.), and travel and accommodations for events like book signings, conferences, and trade shows. For authors who are unable to attend or organize physical events, there are blog tour options (entirely online), which under no circumstances should cost anything other than a complimentary copy of your book for the blog host. Again, these are typical costs for any author regardless of the publisher.

What sales channels does SFK Press use?
We work with Amazon and Ingram Spark, as well as local bookstores. All of our titles are available in paperback and eBook format. Here is the Amazon page for one of our recent releases:

What is the typical print run?
We don’t set the print run quantity until we’re closer to the release date, but we aren’t stingy, we promise! And remember: Our books are perpetually available online through Amazon and Ingram Spark.

How does SFK Press promote its authors and titles?
A few months in advance of the release date, we send ARCs to reviewers to start the buzz. We also promote our authors on, and via all of our social media channels. Additionally, we publish interviews with our authors and excerpts from their work in our weekly zine, The New Southern Fugitives, and this November we will be launching a twice-monthly podcast in which we feature our authors before and after their publishing experience with SFK Press.

As we previously mentioned, the author’s role in self-promotion is essential–authors need to build communities around themselves and spread the word to help the publisher sell books. Authors also need to participate in these communities and support and promote fellow authors. It’s a give-and-take, as any relationship is. This is why social media is a necessary tool now; it has largely replaced the physical book tour circuit.

How many times do I have to submit my work to SFK Press before it’s accepted?
As writers ourselves, if we knew the answer to the question of “how many times,” then we would kiss the sky! There is no magic number of tries, we are afraid to report; there is only the magic that exists between reader and manuscript, and that is what we are looking for. Don’t take one, five, or fifteen rejections from us or anyone else as a sign to stop writing—if you love to write, then keep writing. Period.

Got more questions? april[at]sfkmultimedia[dot]com.

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