2018 Southern Fried Karma Novel Contest Winner

Available October 15!

If Darkness Takes Us

by Brenda Marie Smith

IN SUBURBAN AUSTIN, TEXAS, Bea Crenshaw secretly prepares for the Apocalypse. But when a solar pulse destroys modern life, she’s left alone with four grandkids whose parents do not return home. She must teach these kids to survive without power, cars, phones, running water, or doctors in a world fraught with increasing danger. If Darkness Takes Us is loaded with resilience, humanity, and heart.


There is real, identifiable humanity, subtle and sweet and sad, and events utterly shattering in their intensity.

Pinckney Benedict, 2018 SFK Press Novel Contest Judge

About the Author​

Winner of the 2018 SFK Novel Contest, Brenda Marie Smith studied fiction in the UCLA Writers’ Program. An environmentalist since she was a teenager, Brenda lived off the grid for many years. She and her husband own a solar-powered home in Austin, Texas, and have more grown kids and grandkids than they can count. ​

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Available October 15!

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