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Shotgun Joe

by Bob Mann

Joe was just a guy punching the clock until Zappa showed up, but one flea-bitten, yowling tomcat later, and Joe is ejected from his daily grind to land smack in the middle of his dream job at the Brownbagg Brewery, a new life in a trailer park with a very interesting next-door neighbor named Janine— oh, and waking nightmares of a mysterious cult leader reanimating the dead. When Joe discovers that the monsters from his nightmares are real and headed straight for him, he must find a way to save Janine and himself, armed only with his good humor, weird intensity, dogged determination, and now: the shotgun.


“Masterful prose, crafted like hard-edged poetry… Riotously funny and hugely enjoyable!”

—Pinckney Benedict, author of the award-winning Miracle Boy and Other Stories

“A brilliant, dark wit—Shotgun Joe keeps us laughing while clinging for life to the edge of our seats. A killer-good book!.”

Brenda Marie Smith, author of If Darkness Takes Us & Something Radiates

“A cult leader with unholy powers, a trailer-park damsel in distress, and a hero with a taste for
craft beer. Bob Mann’s Shotgun Joe reads like a midnight horror film. It’s hallucinatory, funny,
down to earth, and entertaining as hell.”

—Mickey Dubrow, author of American Judas

“Bob Mann keeps us alternately sweating bullets and howling with laughter. Shotgun Joe may
be exactly the hero we need in these troubled times.”

—George Hovis, author of The Skin Artist

About the Author​

Bob Mann has worked as a janitor, fry cook, waiter, laborer, forklift driver, printer, roughneck, mud logger, ER lab tech, water quality chemist, environmental chemist, and hazardous materials chemist specializing in reactive hazardous waste. Along the way he participated in community theater, did a little writing, and received a Master of Science in Chemistry. He writes horror, magical realism, and science fiction.

Originally from West Monroe, Louisiana (yes, of Duck Dynasty fame), he moved to the Houston area in 1989 and has stayed there since. He and his wife live in a geodesic dome south of town, where they are tolerated by their two cats, neither of whom is named Zappa.

He made his first batch of beer in August 2000, and caught the brewing bug on the spot. In 2014 he started making wine, and in 2016, mead. The real “Brownbagg Brewery” (Bob’s homebrewery, which consists of a kitchen and a back room in the dome) has created 17 beers, two wines, and two meads, with more to come. And, hopefully, there will be more Joe books to come, as well.

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