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Hardscrabble Road

 by George Weinstein

THE ENTIRE MACLEOD CLAN IS HAUNTED BY SECRETS—and young Roger “Bud” MacLeod doesn’t realize he carries the biggest secret of all. Growing up poor in Depression-era South Georgia is hard enough, but Bud is also cursed with a stutter and a birthmark that disfigures his face. His hateful father and amoral mother make life worse still, despite his brothers’ efforts to shield him. To survive in body and soul, Bud must discover his strengths and confront the sins of his parents. First, though, he’ll need to grasp his own truth: that he can’t embrace his future until he comes to terms with his past.


Reading Hardscrabble Road is like discovering To Kill a Mockingbird when no one else knew about it . . . one day it may also be considered a classic.

—Jackie K. Cooper, author of Memory’s Mist, and critic for Huffington Post

Bud fights to save his own soul with determination and heart. Hardscrabble Road is a bittersweet and gripping story that will steal your heart.

—Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author

Wow! What a great read. Pitch-perfect characters and evocative details make Hardscrabble Road a ride you won’t want to end. I was on board from the first gritty page

—Lynn Cullen author of Twain’s End

In the tradition of Erskine Caldwell and Harry Crews, Weinstein has written a novel filled with rage, violence…and—deep-down—tenderness and wonder.

—George Singleton, author of Calloustown

About the Author

George Weinstein is the author of numerous novels, including Aftermath, The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno, and The Caretaker—all republished by SFK Press. His work has been featured in the Atlanta press and in regional and national anthologies, including A Cup of Comfort for Writers. You can contact George with book club invitations and speaking requests, and read more about him and his written work at GeorgeWeinstein.com.


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