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Lying for a Living

by Steve McCondichie

Jesse Few is a 49-year-old suburban rogue who’s perfectly fine living a life of golf, booze, and women too young for him. But when a mysterious backyard stalker threatens his mother, and a megalomaniac preacher skirmishes with his son, Jesse’s cavalier approach to life and love is tested.

A cowboy-up moment drives the derelict dad to decide whether he’ll saddle up and rescue his loved ones from menacing threats or retreat to the comforts of denial, avoidance, and blowing up watermelons with black-market machine guns. In this irreverent mid-life coming-of-age story, an unwitting hero wrestles with his capacity to mature into a bona fide adult.

This energetic and entertaining debut novel by Steve McCondichie is packed with dark humor and riveting suspense. It’s a fast-paced, fun read that’ll charm fans of contemporary American dramedy and satirical thrillers.

Jesse Few is a salesman whose carefree, man-child days of drinking and philandering have caught up with him… McCondichie endows his protagonist with a good deal more depth than initial impressions would indicate. The narrative moves at a good clip as Jesse navigates his way through one crisis after another, among a fully developed cast of supporting characters. Along the way, he figures out how to become the adult that his aging mother and teenage children truly need him to be. An enjoyable page-turner with a reluctant hero who’s as engaging as he is impulsive.


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Steve McCondichie offers readers a likable rogue in Jesse Few and quickly has us rooting for Jesse to become the lovable hero of his story. In addition to creating a memorable protagonist, McCondichie also provides us with a distinctive and surprising cast of secondary characters who keep the scenes fresh, funny, and sometimes poignant. The fact that Jesse grits his teeth and continually makes the hard choices between bad and worse options in Lying for a Living offers all of us hope for change and personal growth.

—George Weinstein, award-winning author of the novels Hardscrabble Road, Aftermath, The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno, and The Caretaker

Jesse Few, the hero of Lying for a Living, is a great creation, a Viagra-popping traveling paper salesman with a married girlfriend, a hot ex-wife he can’t get over, troubled children and a posse of salty golfing buddies who have his back as Jesse sets out to avoid adulthood and fails, as all the good ones do. The story of his journey to save his son moves like Jesse’s pearl-colored Escalade, barreling up the shoulder past the gridlocked traffic on the interstate. I couldn’t resist it.

—David Payne, author of Barefoot to Avalon

Jesse Few isn’t a bad man. He’s just slipped a little, and then a little more, and then . . . well, you get the picture. But faced with a family crisis, Jesse answers the call in his own, inimitable way, and in the process confronts his greatest enemy—himself. This wonderfully entertaining debut, full of vivid southern characters, announces Steve McCondichie as a writer to watch.

—Naeem Murr, Winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize

Steve McCondiche

About the Author

After 25 years peddling bulldozers around the globe, Steve McCondichie exited the corporate world to pursue his true purpose: Telling thrilling tales about our meandering journeys through life. A rebel since kindergarten, Steve always gives the underdog anti-hero ample opportunities for redemption. He enjoys examining how family shapes the individual and their choices. Lying for a Living is his debut novel. The Parlor Girl’s Guide (March 2019) is his second novel.


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